RACE | Budget Service Enquiries
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Within any initial viability works, service costs can prove critical to each project. It is important where possible to achieve best value and this especially applies to Service Costs. Within this element of works, we can undertake a full suite of initial Budget Enquiries to assist initial land costs.


This in turn, very often leads to selection; If all other elements such and commercial, build & sales costings have been also successful. We have found via use of this element, significantly increases your chances for a successful land bid, compared to when these are not undertaken.


This work therefore includes for the following work –

  • Budget Service Mains & Diversion quotations.

  • This will include all negotiations with the relevant service providers, obtaining written quotations and value engineering against supplied quotations to reduce costs as much as possible against the quotations gained.

  • This will include for mains supply and diversions as applicable, along with line search enquiries. As part of this work we also check to validate either from available records or radar surveys, that the proposals are correct based upon supplied layout plans and follow up cost proposals to ensure the cost and works proposals supplied by the network operators are correct. Finally as part of this work we provide a summary report which simplifies the service cost proposals and flags the potential overall cost of the service proposals for mains and diversions accordingly.

Contact our Business Development Team to discuss your requirements - 01922 411 552