RACE | Technical Reports
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We at RACE understand that time is critical for every project and to spend the correct amount of time for each new viability is difficult, to ensure that nothings missed.


Therefore we act as a in-house engineer to assist in the production of in-house reports to highlight any constraints or considerations which each project may need to consider. This ensures a robust approach is taken which can be both commercially costed against &/or used within any land selection process meetings, to prove that a full and concise evaluation has been given to a potential project.


This leads to ensuring that the vendor both understands the commercial costs provided within any land purchase offer, and enables them to understand how serious that you have taken the land offer.


This in turn very often leads to selection if all other elements such and commercial, build & sales costings have been also successful. We have found via use of such an item as this significantly increases chances for successful land bids are achieved compared to when these are not undertaken.


The report would therefore include the following elements –

  • Interpretation of Ground Report & Other Available Geotechnical Information (Where available).

  • Review of Foundation Information & Requirements.

  • Review of Hydrology & Flooding Requirements.

  • Review of Drainage Requirements.

  • Review of Environment Agency & LLFA requirements.

  • Review of Highways Requirements.

  • Review of Ecological Information & Requirements.

  • Review of Archaeological Information & Requirements.

  • Investigation of available maps service details and advise on potential costing (subject to full design quotations from relevant service providers).

Contact our Business Development Team to discuss your requirements - 01922 411 552